“WhiteLily” is?

WhiteLily is Fukuoka’s first “nurse café” based on the concept of alternate world hospital produced by popular idol ‘ RUN ‘ working in Fukuoka.

We have a “Set Menu” recommended for new patients so please feel free to visit us. All nurses are waiting for your visit from bottom of hearts.

System introduction

◆The amount is meal fee + the fee charged for a new patient

Weekday Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and event day
Patient with a patient ID card 300yen 500yen
General patient 500yen 800yen

◆Patient who has a patient ID card will get various benefits. (Issuance fee 500 yen)
・Discount on charge fee
・It becomes also a point card. (1 P every 1000 yen)
・Nurse celebrates your birthday!
Your favorite nurse gives you a birthday card ! ※1 week before and after the birthday
・Let’s vote for nurse’s general election by the saved points!
The saved points will be exchanged for a voting ticket of “nurse general election” that is held monthly.

Notes -The rules of this hospital-

◇Please do not touch the nurse.
◇Please refrain from violent/sexual remarks and acts that nurse are unwilling.
◇People who drunk too much are not allowed into the hospital.
◇Please do not wait for the nurse outside.
◇You cannot take pictures of inside the hospital or nurses without permission. (Except for food.)
◇Please do not walk around or talk loudly.
◇It is forbidden to ask the private of nurse and staff. (e-mail address, etc.)
◇It is forbidden to persue and talk to the nurse outside the hospital.